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America China Oil Painting Artist's League

American Portrait Society

Angel Academy of Art

Art DVD Review

Art (ARC)

ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton, FL

The Artists Magazine

Artspace, Raleigh North Carolina

The Art League of Virginia

Great Falls Foundation for the Arts


Jerry's Artarama Art Supplies

The John Pence Gallery, San Francisco

Lina Liberace Illustration and Fine Art

Limepark Arts and Cottages, Northern Ireland

North River Arts Society, Marshfield, NH

Principle Gallery of Fine Art, Alexandria, VA/Charleston, SC

Rochester Art Club

The Legacy Gallery, Scottsdale

The Southern Atelier, Sarasota, FL

Scottsdale Artist's School

Whidbey Island Fine Arts (formerly Fall City Fine Arts)

Zoll Studio


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FACEBOOK: The Robert Liberace Group

And the Splendor is Without End

Art DVD Reveiw

American Artist Magazine Editor Steve Dohert'y blog

Life as an Artist - Jill Banks

Skating at the Edge of Infinity (art blog)

Marie Dauenheimer's Art and Anatomy Blog

The Traveling Artist

Kevin Wueste's Figure Drawing and Painting Blog

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"Painted Sketches"
(excerpts from the painting dvds)

"The Quick Draw" (excerpts from the drawing dvds)

Robert Liberace Gallery of Artwork (I)

Robert Liberace Gallery of Artwork (II)

Excerpts from the dvd "The Figure in Motion"

Excerpts from the dvd, Painting the Figure in Grisaille

Excerpts fromt the dvd "The Alla Prima Portrait"

Excerpts from the dvd "Anatomy: The Torso"

Excerpts the the dvd "Anatomy: The Arm and Hand"

Excerpts from the dvd "The Classic Portrait"

Excerpts from the dvd "The Portrait in Terra Cotta"


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