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"Robert, As an artist, I truly appreciate the thought and logical progression that you used in the making of your newest DVD. As a former trainer for the US Navy, I understand what it takes to make clear concepts that are difficult to put into words on the best of days. I would like to tell you that this is a home run. Outstanding piece of work, in it's organization, elucidation and development. I intend to use this DVD to remind myself of the importance of a concentrated, logical yet intuitive painting approach, and can see myself reviewing it often in the future...This DVD is wonderful. "Louise Sackett, "The Classic Portrait" purchaser

"...having just bought a couple of your DVDs, I thought I would write and say complimenti davvero. Bravo!!!!... they're brilliant."
John Angel, Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

"Hi Rob, I have to tell you that I have just done 2 paintings, a portrait and a still life, using your methods, and they're the best paintings I've done. Plus, I did them in one tenth of the time. I can't thank you enough. I'm a veterinarian but since receiving your DVDs last week, I think of nothing but art.
Yours with extreme gratitude, Max McCann", Dublin Ireland

“Dear Mr. Liberace,
Received your DVD today... Just wanted to let you know what I thought. In knocked my socks off. I’ve been painting for almost twenty years and I’ve spent thousands of dollars on educational and instructional DVD’s and absolutely nothing compares to yours for clarity, presentation, format, and the amount of information you impart to the viewer. Thank you for the absolute best, most insightful, most informative class I’ve ever had. And thanks for giving me back my mojo just by watching you work. Highest Regards,
RB McGrath, Jacksonville, Arkansas”

"Robert Liberace has set the bar high. His DVDs truly are educational tools. RL is a master and eloquently expresses his ideas while conducting demonstrations. His fine gestural pencil marks on the toned support demand a high level in production quality and the quality shines through. This is not a pro stepping out of his league to make bread and butter money off of hobbyists. This is a conscientious effort to share knowledge from a master made available to everyone interested." and "Robert Liberace has managed to capture his mastery as both an artist and a teacher. He is a true Master and due in part to his comfort with his position, using only the bare essentials he achieves a level of rapport with the viewer that I have not seen elsewhere." (For a full review off "The Figure in Motion" and "Alla Prima" visit
Michael Souza, ArtDVDReview (

"This professional quality, well edited, instructional DVD has everything you'll need to understand the three color chalk method of drawing: a gifted and articulate instructor, a well organized demonstration, and a section on materials."
M. Stephen Doherty, Editor-in-Chief, American Artist Magazine
(Rob's tips on drawing in the first dvd is mentioned in Steve Doherty's blog: Six Tips for Drawing)


"Excellent artist, excellent blend the two so well... so rare among DVD's that are being released today..."

“Truly the most informative demonstrations available on DVD anywhere… The best in my collection. Liberace radiates his unparalleled knowledge of anatomy, art history and studio practice in this remarkably filmed demonstration.”
Charles Miano, Founder and Program Director of The Southern Atelier Center of Fine Art, Sarasota, Florida

“Great for the novice as well as the seasoned artists! It takes great mastery to speak to all levels of artists, and this is a video with which one can continue to grow.”
Dasa, fine artist


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